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Heat Exchanger Plugs

Heat exchanger header plug

DIN 908

Internal drive screw plugs with collar

DIN 910

Hexagon head screw plugs with collar

WTE PowerBolt produce wide range of plugs for special applications. Heat exchanger plugs from carbon steel SA105, SA350-LF2 and alloy steel SA193-B7, SA320-L7, Duplex and SuperDuplex stainless steel and nickel alloys Monel 400, Inconel 625 and Inconel 718.

Parallel-flow and counter-flow heat exchanger plug
Finned and Unfinned tubular heat exchanger plug
U-tube, single pass straight and two pass straight heat exchanger plug
Plate-and-frame heat exchanger plug
Pate-fin heat exchanger plug
Microchannel heat exchanger plug
Compact heat exchanger plug
Shell-and-tube plug

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Materials: SA105, SA350LF2, AISI304,AISI316,AISI321,AISI410,Monel 400,Monel K500,Inconel625,Inconel718,Inconel925,Duplex,SuperDuplex

Norms: ANSI B16.11, DIN 910, DIN 908
Header plug 3/4″-16 UNF
Header plug 1-1/8″-12 UNF
Header plug 1-3/8″-12 UNF
Header plug 1-5/8″-12 UNF
Header plug 2-1/8″-12 UNF

Hex head plug 3/4″-16 UNF
Hex head plug 1-1/8″-12 UNF
Hex head plug 1-3/8″-12 UNF
Hex head plug 1-5/8″-12 UNF
Hex head plug 2-1/8″-12 UNF