Heat Exchanger Plugs

Heat Exchanger Plugs

Heat exchanger header plug

Equivalent norm:

DIN 910, ANSI B16.11


SA 105, SA350-LF2 1.1/8
SA 193-B7, SA 320-L7, SA 193-B16
SA 193-B8, B8M, B8T
AISI 304L, AISI 316L, AISI 321
Duplex: F51 / S31803 / 1.4462
Super duplex: F53 / S32750 / 1.4410, F55 / S32760 / 1.4501
904L / N08904 / 1.4539, Monel 400/2.4360
Inconel 625 / 2.4856, Inconel 718 / 2.4668, Alloy 825, Nitronic 60
1.7225 / 42CrMo4+QT (GC)
all materials

Heat exchanger plugs acc. to customers designs. Header Plug. Air cooled heat exchanger plug. Machined ar rolled thread.

Table of Sizes

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More info about Heat Exchanger Plugs - Heat exchanger header plug

WTE produces hot forged Heat Exchanger Plugs plugs for air cooled industrial heat exchangers.

They are made fromc carbon steel SA 105 and SA 350LF2 or stainless steel AISI 304L, AISI 316L, AISI 321
and also from Duplex stainless F51, F53, F55 as well as Nickel alloys Inconel 625,
Inconel 825 and Inconel 925.
We maintain a large stock of these as well as other materials at all times. All of our stock is of European origin only.
All plugs are certificated EN 10204-3.1 (3.2). WTE also maintains100% traceability for all stock in house.

Heat Exchanger Plugs plugs are

 available also in P250GH, S355J2, C45, CK35, 1.7218/25CrMo4+QT, 1.7225/42CrMo4+QT, 1.7709 / 21CrMoV5-7+QT, 1.7711 / 40CrMoV4-6+QT, 1.4913 X19CrMoNbVN11-1+QT, 1.4923 X22CrMoV12-1+QT, 1.4980 X6NiCrTiMoVB25-15-2,1.4986 X7CrNiMoBNb16-16, 2.4952 NiCr20TiAl, 2.4668 Alloy 718, 1.4539 Alloy 904L,1.7729 / 20CrMoVTiB4-10, 1.4501, stainless steel AISI 304L, AISI 316L, AISI 321,AISI 316Ti, AISI 310, carbon steel AISI 4130, AISI 4140 and also class 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9, stainless A2-50/70, A3-50/70, A4-50/70/80, SA 193 B8, SA 193 B8-2, SA 193 B8M, SA 193 B8M2, SA 193 B8T, ASTM A182, ASTM A182-F5, F9, F91, F92, F11, F12, F21, F22

ANSI, ASME, ASTM, PED 2014/68EU, PED 97/23EU, AD 2000 Merkblatt W0, W2, W7

Available from stock:

1.1/8″-12UNFx20, 1.1/8″-12UNFx25, 1.1/8″-12UNFx30, 1.1/8″-12UNFx35, 1.1/8″-12UNFx40, 1.1/8″-12UNFx45, 1.1/8″-12UNFx50

1.3/8″-12UNFx20, 1.3/8″-12UNFx25, 1.3/8″-12UNFx30, 1.3/8″-12UNFx35, 1.3/8″-12UNFx40, 1.3/8″-12UNFx45, 1.3/8″-12UNFx50

1.1/2″-12UNFx20, 1.1/2″-12UNFx25, 1.1/2″-12UNFx30, 1.1/2″-12UNFx35, 1.1/2″-12UNFx40, 1.1/2″-12UNFx45, 1.1/2″-12UNFx50

1.5/8″-12UNFx20, 1.5/8″-12UNFx25, 1.5/8″-12UNFx30, 1.5/8″-12UNFx35, 1.5/8″-12UNFx40, 1.5/8″-12UNFx45, 1.5/8″-12UNFx50